Reuven Flamer

When  I founded a co-operative natural food store and community in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec (circa 1975!) my passion to  fuse  health food and wellbeing, alternative health, spirit and soul, farming organic, the individul and community,  self reliance and G-d in one package, I never dreamed that a few laters I would add  Chabad Chassidism and Kabbalah to the recipe!

….and mixing all the above together in one harmony is at times precarious and other times is incredibly fun and creative! This blog is my thoughts on the mix!

I founded the first kosher, vegan  and organic certification company. And not bad for a post-Vietnam war Canadian War protester who still feels (please G-d until 120) like I am 30, I still run, hike, and garden too!

I love to discuss meaty issue s(not necessary the animal kind). I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas. If you have any questions, comments, or would benefit to  make contact and if you think I can help in some way , feel free to contact me @ or go to http://www.nfccertification@com

Brochas V’chatzlacha Blessings and Success

(Rabbi )Reuven Flamer

Learn On! Light On!



  1. Beautiful, Reuven!! Keep on fusin’!

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