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Quick Speed, Shotgun Weddings!

This week’s parsha has  a  form and structure unlike the rest of the Torah.  And out of  this uncommon  pattern emerges an elixir for adventurous living and “longer days”, (called in the Torah arichus Yomim, lengthened days).

The bulk of the this week’s Torah reading  of Chaya Sarah, the life of Sarah, revolves around Eliezer  the servant of Avraham. We first learn of Avraham instructing  his servant Eliezer  to travel  to Avraham’s relatives to seek a fitting shidduch, match for his son Yitzchok. The scene switches  to Eliezer conversing with G-d, as he negotiates  a strategy for success to complete his task.  Miraculously, as he finishes with his communion with G-d,  Rivkah suddenly appears.  She not only  meets the requirements as requested by   Eliezer to   G-d, but the speed of events and the manner in which they unfold is  lightning quick!

Eliezer is escorted by Rivkah to her home.

Here the Torah takes an unusual turn. In place of a succinct mention  that Eliezer informed Rivkah’s family all what had taken place the Torah has us read of the entire story over again! Eliezer tells point by point his journey from Avraham’s tent to meeting Rivkah.

This leads the sages to point out that unlike where important rules of law are concentrated in even in a nuance of one letter –  that the Torah is very circumspect and speaks in as few words as necessary – the “conversations of the servants of the Jewish forefathers” are laid out at length. They remark “the conversations of the servants are beautiful even more than the Torah of their children! This is clear in the  repeated recounting of  Eliezer’s story.

Why does a house servant get such a lengthy part in the Torah? What do we gain from this?

Skipped Real Estate

Speed seems to be the rate of occurrence in the entire parsha of Chaya Sarah. Sarah suddenly passes away. Eliezer, setting out on his journey experiences Kafitzas Haaretz –  literally land skipping (or special quick travel) – the usual 17 day journey was done in one day! Immediately after  his request to G-d to help him find a match, Rivkah appears!

Should you too sharpen your skills  in quickening the mechanics of life? Then, even your conversations are especially recorded, superseding even the “Torah of the children of Avraham

Excitement Crackling

We all experience “slow rime” and “ quick time”. Though perhaps only subjective, quick time usually advances as  their content increases in meaning and importance. The more significant your endeavor, the time it takes for you to live these moments  seem to stretch further and longer! The child who enjoys their summer camp experience sees it “fly by”. The tedious chore of a task less desired can be excruciating slow!

Chassidus explains that this “experiential subjectivity” of time speed occurs precisely because it matches a reality that is more than subjective!


Peering into the parsha  the recipe for elongated time is clearly laid out: volunteer to be the shliach, representative, of a Holy man (Avraham), talk to G-d, and have a wedding as your task!

Then sending of Eliezer on his important shlichus, or mission, is the first mention of this concept: a legal like structure that places the m’shaleach, the sender, in the shoes of the shliach, the sender! When the shliach accomplishes his mission, in actuality, explains the Torah, the one who sent him did it! Literally, the shliach is the m’shaleach!

What does it take for the sender to be wherever the shliach is?

A thorough dedication to the mission.

Though the shliach Eliezer was never told how and what to do to fulfill his mission (the process is his creative addition to the task) , as long as there is no deviation from the sender’s wishes, the shliach is the sender!

Eliezer first contacts G-d before actively looking for which woman would be the candidate . ( he obviously learned this trick from Avraham. This accomplished two things: he connected to whom Avraham was a shliach for 2)  he looked to inject into the natural picture around him a higher dimension that would smooth out any obstacles (it is  quicker ride down a highway free of traffic then the clogged arteries of the inner city).

Thirdly, his task was to unite two Jewish people (the first after the Mitzvah of Bris Milah was given to the family of Avraham, the mark of the Jewish peole, as explained last week). This would build an eternal Jewish home founded on eternal principles that would insure a sustained lineage (until today)


Men and women are very different! Marrying them together is described in the Torah as bringing to very different forms of fire together! Without the right combinations, this fire can explode! Yet, the very purpose of life, on its most basic form, is that a man and woman should marry, and create from their union a string of descendants who will continue the process!

This paradigm is an example used in Kabbalah for the spiritual task that each of us have. Unifying the male male waters (or mah) with the female waters (bunn). In short (this subject is lengthy) the unity of mah u’bann is the peaceful unity of intention and action, body and soul, Mitzvahs with  Torah, and G-d with the Universal Experience. It is the task of creating a complete fusion with your mundane everyday self with your Holier dimension.

In other words, you are , at every moment at a wedding.  The Chassan, groom, your soul. Your body, the bride.

The task – make them one!

The way to accomplish this gargantuan task, is to be a shliach! Bring G-d into the picture. After all, He sent you in the first place!

The  Torah’s picture for this: the everyday steps of a servant of Avraham . His heart felt please for success, and  his business conversations (with Rivka’s parents).


When Avraham sent Eliezer on his way, he gave him a  document . It turned over all of his wealth (which was much) to the care of Eliezer (he would in turn give this to Yitzchok and Rivkah). How come Avraham gave all of his money away? Surely, Avraham, who kept the entire Torah prior to its historic giving at Mount Sinai) knew of the prohibition of making one destitute (even for a charitable motivation).

When it comes to building the Jewish people, insuring the historic significance and import to the world, Avraham was willing to risk all! And devoid of any boundaries.  So he gave it his all.


The expression Inner Child now takes on a different meaning. When your life is as exciting and meaningful to you as summer camp is to the young boy or girl then things move quickly! This happens when everything around you is connected to that which has the inner dimensions of  soul and body. When the “ Inner” is threaded throughout every step of your mission, then the Inner Child makes living as fun as camp!


The word shliach is made of four  Hebrew letters –  shin, lamed, yud, and the ches. The same letters equal  the word sameach,  joy or simcha when added an extra yud or ten to it. The word Sameach also equals Moshiach!

In order to experience the highest moment of the fusion of body and soul, spirit and world  which is Moshiach – the clear seeing of G-dliness in the world) one needs to a) be a shliach, uniting mah u’ban at every moment’s opportunity – life is a wedding b) you use all ten (the added yud) of all your talents (mind and  emotions) and c) you are filled with joy (sameach) at your incredibly exciting task and mission of being G-d’s messenger!

This generation has been given an awesome shlichus: make your task to bring Moshiach!

When you volunteer to be a shliach in all your ways,  just like Eliezer was given all of what Avraham had, so too you will be given “all of what G-d has”. And just like G-d is beyond time and space, your life will speed up as the road of life clears of all obstacles and traffic!

More on this next week.


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