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Meditation and Love – Netzavim Part 2


A parent has the awesome responsibility to teach, to mold, and direct a child’s thinking and conscious beliefs. Children essentially show up a blank slate. When you finish with them they are a full blackboard! (Some spend years unlearning what was written!)  What  do you decide what to teach and what not? Are you sure of your beliefs 100 percent before you pass them along to a child ? Do you go  to the fact checker websites first to check whether your beliefs are true?

We always teach  “universal core beliefs”:

Put 100,000 first graders into the UN. Bring out the UN chairman. Do we have him teach that “world peace” is attainable or the opposite?

Do you teach your children that peace is natural and war is an aberration? How do you know that peace is a goal to strive for? Isn’t it true that there have been few (if any) years in history when mankind was peace and war -free? So why do we teach this irrational belief? Maybe its better to teach the art of warfare then the hope in peace and love?


How did the idea of peace become  ingrained in the human psyche when there is not a scintilla of evidence that there ever was peace in the world and therefore doubtful that there will be? Certainly experience did not fuel this value!

In the human heart and soul burns a inner belief  that we should and can live in peace. Motivated by this inner  sense or belief we research into it , write about it , experiment with it  ,  teach about  it , sing about it, and even hold prayer vigils for it – all in the name of  creating  world peace!

Left to rational discovery and historical proofs, would  peace be a pursuit for  mankind?  Left on its own, would we ever reach this lofty goal? We  build on the universal belief and then internalize it in mind and heart. The more we spend time on the learning about peace, the more we reveal the inner built in belief that we all share.

The neshama – soul incubates some  unique beliefs too . One is in the “Being of Truth ” –  that is, G-d,  who  is  the source of all, exists by virtue of what he  is ( and is not created), referred to by RamBam quoting  King David, as “The G-d of Truth”. He exists by what He is, everything else exists by virtue of Him).  (RamBam in the first chapter of Mishne Torah).

What Kind of Being is this, that exists by virtue of what it is?

Who knows!?

This is what is what G-d answered Moshe – no one can know me as you ask  – like a mind that knows a subject and internalizes it  within the intellect as a separate piece of data ! In the words of the Tikunei Zohar: no thought can contain or grasp Him. This essential being  of G-d is left for  emunah. Thankfully each neshamah is blessed with the innate emunah in this Elokim Emes – G-d of Truth (like the human race believes in peace)

On the other hand, writes the RaMBam , we are obligated to “know G-d ” as well as believe. Because the soul is naturally in touch with this Truth Being, it also has a natural love to this being of Truth!  The more you learn what you can about G-d, the more fertile ground you lay for the natural ahava mesuteris to emerge and give expression.

So we learn about G-d in order to give a sacred space for the natural love we all have. Our “knowledge of faith: must become as internalized as possible through knowledge and meditation.

ROSH HASHANA – The Love is Now

The task of Rosh Hashana is to accept the innate ‘Kingship’ that the soul shares with G-d – The Being of Truth is the root of all existence  – continually creates and has a unique mission for each of us. We are the subjects and He is the King.

This is the literal meaning of Teshuvah – return – The Return is to yourself. And the return is really a RE-TURN! And when it happens, the Torah is close in action and speech and heart!

At the outset, on Rosh Hashana we must touch the inner  Netzavim – the firm stance of the  personal inner core of the soul . Chassidic custom says that this time of  year is  to make commitments and resolutions in the spiritual realms. A core and basic platform for the next year shall be: I will learn more than I have ever before about what G-d is and massage my inner love and connection out of hiding . I will join a lesson in Chassidus and Kabbalah and I will implement into action in my prayers, in my thoughts, and my actions.

Moshiach: The Inner Core

The truth why the whole world feels that peace is a worthwhile pursuit is because the purpose of creation according to Torah, even of the souls themselves, is to reach the ultimate Shalom in the world with Moshaich Tzedkainu. Thus, all Jews, before Rosh Hashana also must take upon themselves to learn more about what the Torah says Moshiach is, thus nurturing the Moshiach spark we all share!

Learn ON Light On! Moshaich Mow!


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