Posted by: reuvenflamer | August 30, 2009

Body and Soul

Perspectives.   Yours are the  looking glass prism  on life. Change your perspective and the color of the universe changes too!

A different perspective on body and soul .

All agree that life is precious.  Common thought says  that life is a gift. G-d deposited  each of us with a soul. We are responsible for its upkeep and proper care. Eventually, it will be all over and it will return where it came from.

The Codes of Jewish Law see otherwise.

In the section of the laws on damages to the body, it is written that one is not allowed to harm the body. Why not ?

Because it is not yours to begin with !

You live 70 or 100 years not gifted with a soul, rather  you are a a soul gifted with a body! The soul was given a “deposit” –the body!

As  it is not yours, what right do you have to  damage it!

You could ask: so what? What difference does it make whether I see myself as the “body” and the soul as a gift, or the soul as me and my body as a gift? Either way isn’t it  in my best interest to keep healthy?

When is it more likely to stumble?

Its easy to experience me as  body. I  eat. I  sleep. Thank G-d for the life He gives me,  for my soul I thank Him. At times my “body” craves. Oftentimes harmful things! However, this is me after all!  As long as I am not hurting others, why not?

When experience is the body is  a “deposit”,  that is given to my  soul to care for , the picture  drastically changes . First, I am primaly life and soul. Body is second. However, the body , must be kept in best condition. It is not mine to do as I please!

What do you take care of with more care and diligence, and work over more : the car you own, or the one you borrow?


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