Posted by: reuvenflamer | August 14, 2009

Wellness and Science a la CNN

“Welnness”  took on a new twist recently with an article on the Times CNN Wellness blog: The Science of One NIght Stands! Their heading on the blog says: A Healthy balance of  the mind, body and spirit!

What is interesting to me is the healthy balance of mind, body and spirit  connection ( or do they admit there is none?) . For us men, actually, there probably is not that much of  anything interesting here. One night stands are defiinitely feel a good balance for the body – men are men after all.  Men want a good time. Especially with no commitments! (which may be why the Torah says that men have an obligation to marry and have children, and women do not!)

For women , there’s another story.

So where is the balanced mind, body and spirit? Or is the title irrelevant? Or perhaps the article only takes on the body side of the equation! But can you leave out mind and sprirt and only focus on body – an still remain balanced?

This brings us back again to the spiritual science of eating, ( I can borrow the term from CNN!)  mentioned before. Can you focus on “body focused” eating for delight and fun while simultaneously ignoring the ill health and negative impact that the food will have on you?  You cannot live balanced when only focused on the  spirit or only focused on the body.

There is no such thing as a balance of mind, body, and spirit in  a one night stand. The article either is a disgrace to the title Wellness, or the people at CNN have no idea what a one night stand is!

I refer you to an interesting study and book at:

Why men love one night stands and women less so has littel to do with biology (as one comment writes) but more with who has more spirit and who doesnt!

Note the following comment in the opening laws on Marriage, bu the RamBam , Maimonides:

” Prior to the Giving of the Torah, a man would meet (bump into) a woman in the marketplace if they both nutually consented, she would go home with him, and they would consider themselves as married” In a follow up statement he writes: Before the Torah was given, a man would meet a women in the market, agree on a price, and they would spend the evening together”.

One night stands for free and for money is nothing  new.  The institution of insuring more than this was new. And apparently seems to be in peril, if you ask the men!


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