Posted by: reuvenflamer | August 13, 2009

An Apple a Day – Paradigm Shift 1 – Soul With Body!

Emergency firefighting cover - Operation Fresco

So how do  we shift the  religious culture of  “outlet eating” , (not to be confused with  “outlet shopping!) to Zip Food eating

( zip food is food that gives energy, vitality and best of all, healthy living. Replaces fast food)!

Kosher is an obvious override  over anything else when it comes to food. Simply stated: better  a kosher certified red dye # 1 colored cherry  adorning a cholov yisroel banana split, then the non kosher certified, organic certified granola with rice milk!  The reason is clear: better to do harm to the body (to a point) then to the soul! (This is a not so secret Jewish secret – soul over body – G-dliness over personal gain through compromise. Has kept us alive for thousands of years beating out lots of detractors, enemies, and a whole bunch of ugly characters.)

But this is true only when that is the only alternative!  (today you can have the organic certified, non dairy sourced kosher certifed granola AND FORGO the kosher banana split!


So let’s discard the kosher over health argument. The dilemma is not soul over body.

Rather, its choosing  soul with body!

Kosher (means fit, proper, but generically is usued by the masses to mean “allowed”) is an interesting Mitzvah – command. First and foremost Kosher is a Mitzvah that has no human intelligence behind it. It is a law without reason – a chok in Hebrew. Literally “carved out”,  the relationship between commanded and the commandor, when the mitzvah is a chok, is that it is ingrained. No decision process needed. No “agreement”  contact at this table. Rather, it is emblazoned and carved in to the core of your being i.

But  to eat kosher and make yourself sick sumltaneously or overeat to the point of internal abuse (soul as well as body), reminds me of the following story:

A man came home from Friday evening Sabbath  services, feeling the enveloping peace that the Shabbos brings. As he sits down at the table to recite the Kiddush (blessing over wine) he notices that the Challah is not covered, as is traditional. (at the beginning of the Shabbat meal, we recite the Kiddush  prayer, officially announcing the sanctity of the day and thereby fulfilling a positive Biblical commandment to “remember” the Sabbath. In order to emphasize the significance of this verbal proclamation, ancient rabbinic authorities mandated that these words be recited ceremonially over a cup of wine. However, how can we bless the wine – and make it a center of ceremonial importance no less – when such an archetypical sustenance as bread lies before us on the table?! So we   “remove” the bread by concealing it from view,and placing a cover over the challah before Kiddush. This is explained to be a lesson in “being sensitive” to the feelings of others!)

Seeing that the bread has no cover, the man begins to berate his wife. He screams and rants about the importance of keeping the rules. He snorts in anger over her lack of concious attention in preparing the Sabbath. He yells: don’t you know that you must learn to be sensitive to the challah! His wife is left in tears!

In the same way, is the kosher food that slowly eats away at your health and energy. Technically correct. Stupidly applied.

So paradign shift number 1: Choose the best possible way to enhance the Mitzvah of your kosher food. Eat healthy. Eat Organic. Eat with sensitivity. Eat for your health (as the RaMBam writes quoted below. Enhance (hiddur Mitzvah) the kosher table by eating for a higher purpose other than filling your hungry needs.

There is no sense in being a kosher pig!

Learn On! Light On!


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