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Low-calorie diet slows aging in monkeys – Not so New

Low-calorie diet slows aging in monkeys – Not so New

Breaking news once again is not so breaking! Recently a 20-year study of monkeys shows that a reduced-calorie diet pays off in less disease and longer life, U.S. researchers discovered.(see link below ).They said rhesus monkeys, placed  on a strict, reduced-calorie diet were three times less likely to die from age-related diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes over the study period than monkeys that ate as they liked.They even saw differences in intelligence.
Besides that common sense tells you that there is not much gain in overeating except perhaps in weight, this study strikes me as another piece of scientist hubris!

RaMBaM, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (commonly known in the university world as Maimonides – that  Greek is used to change his name is another story of hubris!) writes in his book of Jewish LAW (!!) Mishne Torah, the following: (Laws of Dayos – Character –  Chapter 4)

“As a healthy and whole body are the  ways of G-d, being that  it is impossible to fathom or know anything about the Creator while sick, therefore one should distance themselves from anything that destroys the body “(paragraph 1)…

“ Do not overeat until filling one’s stomach, rather eat one quarter less than to feeling full” (paragraph 2)

“ .. eating heavy  food  is like a potion of death to the body. It is the main reason for all disease. Most diseases that plague mankind are either due to consuming bad food or because one eats until stuffed, eats heavy foods ! (paragraph 14)

In case that is not too far back, see where RamBaM’s  source is. As he continues and says:

King Shlomo (Solomon) writes in his great wisdom: “Guard your mouth and your tongue. Guard yourself from afflictions of the soul”, meaning guard your mouth from eating bad food or to the degree of being full and guard your tongue to only speak what is necessary”

It is incredible to me that we need to be motivated by such studies to eat less! And then go about making  a pill to mimic eating less!

The beauty behind natural health lifestyle is that you capitalize on the obvious Innate Intelligent factor behind what you are and the world we have been placed in. I say placed, because the not such a secret truth to eating natural is that G-d made the food fit the human body (which way first body to fit the food or the other way is a topic for another post). The real holistic mindset stems from the fact that the creation is perfect. We just need to sharpen our focus.  Better than learning from monkeys!

See  original article:



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